Tages menu


Monday 17. 6.
Garlic soup with cheese and croutons / mixed leaf salad
Bulgur pancakes, Coleslaw, fresh herbs dip 95,-
Gratin potatoes with smoked meat, cabbage salad 105,-
Chicken Cordon Bleu, mashed potatoes with spring onion 125,-

Tuesday 18. 6.
Vegetables consommé with egg roll /mixed leaf salad
Steamed spinach with garlic, fried egg, potato gnocchi 95,-
Chicken curry, herbed rice 115,-
Pork skewers with vegetables, our french fries 120,-

Wednesday 19. 6.
Pulses soup / mixed leaf salad
Leeks & Carrot Quiche 95,-
Roast pork roulade filled with our bacon, egg and paprika, mashed potatoes 120,-
Fresh lettuce salad with grilled turkey breast, cherry tomatoes, baguette 130,-

Thursday 20. 6.
Cauliflower soup/ mixed leaf salad
Beet & carrot ragu, parsley rice 95,-
Chicken penne pasta with blue cheese, fresh herbs 110,-
Slow roasted pork neck, steamed carrot, baked potatoes 115,-

Friday 21. 6.
Creamy leek soup / mixed leaf salad
Cauliflower pilaf, egg barley 95,-
Tortillas with chicken, grilled vegetables, salad and beans 115,-
Slow roasted pork shoulder, cabbage with our bacon, potato dumplings 125,-


 Glass of our soda 30,- 


Vegetarian meal