Daily menu

Monday 12. 11.
Cream of carrot soup
Lentls, venison sausage, pickles, bread 90,-
Sauteed chicken, rice 95,-
Herb pork medallions, potato mash, small salad 115,-

Tuesday 13. 11.
Onion soup with croutons
Penne Quattro formaggi 90,-
Chicken roll stuffed with spinach, cous cous 95,-
Znojmo roast pork, bread dumplings 120,-

Wednesday 14. 11.
Vegetable and Legume soup
Cauliflower patties, potatoes, tartar sauce 90,-
Chicken with leeks, groats with vegetable 95,-
Potato dumplings filled with ham, cabbage 115,-

Thursday 15. 11.
Ham soup with groats
Mushroom goulash, homemade bread 90,-
Dalmation Kofta, mushed potatoes, onion, mustard 95,-
Honey and onion roast chicken thigh, bulgur 115,-

Friday 16. 11.
Frankfurter soup
Potato dumplings, prune jam, butter 90,-
Turkey schnitzel, potato mash, pickles 95,-
Stuffed pepper, toamato sauce, pasta 120,-


Pulled goose meat burger, homemade beetroot bun,
onion marmalade, sweet chilli sauce, homemade french fries 185,-


Glass of homemade soda 30,-