Daily menu



Monday 21. 1.
Cream of sweet corn soup
Sour beans served with egg and boiled potatoes 95,-
Segedin goulash, white bread dumplings 105,-
Stir-fried sweet-chilli chicken, couscous 115,


Tuesday 22. 1.
Rich vegetable broth
Mixed grilled veggies comes with egg barley and parmigiano 95,-
Baked ground pork meatballs with pasta 105,-
Grilled BBQ chicken drumstick served with mashed potatoes 110,-

Wednesday 23. 1.
Cream of celery soup
Lemon & pea risotto 95,-
Pork stew with mushrooms served with bulghur 105,-
Southeast asian stir fry chicken, bamboo shoots, glass noodles 115,-

Thursday 24. 1.
Mixed pulses and herb soup
Chickpea curry with rice 95,-
Roast pork shoulder served with steamed cabbage, „halušky“ 110,-
Barley groats with turkey breast and vegetables 115,-

Friday 25. 1.
Egg drop soup with semolina
Czech fruit filled dumplings with curd cheese and melted butter 95,-
Chicken and leek served served with herb rice 110,-
Venison burger with cranberry mayo, sweet potato fries 130,-

Glass of our Soda 30,-


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Bon Appetit!