Daily menu


Monday 17. 12.
Kale soup
Fried cheese, potatoes, tartar sauce 95,-
Spaghetti with eggs, cream, and bacon 105,-
Stewed beef, pickles, rice 130,-


Tuesday 18. 12.
Cabbage soup with sausage
Pumpkin risotto, parmesan 95,-
Roast pork, stewed cabbage, bread dumplings 115,-
Chicken „Cordon Bleu“, mushed potatoes, small salad 125,-

Wednesday 19. 12.
Roasted root vegetable cream soup
Dill sauce, eggs, potatoes 95,-
Curry chicken, bulgur 110,-
Pork neck steak, roasted potatoes, green pepper sauce 125,-

Thursday 20. 12.
Italian soup with cheese
Apple pancakes with cinnamom sugar, cream 95,-
Sauteed pork with mushrooms, tarhona 105,-
Battered chicken, potato puree, tomato salad 120,-

Friday 21. 12.



  Glass of homemade soda 30,-

Information on alergens contained will be provided upon request of the customer.