Daily menu

Monday 22. 10.
Lentl Soup with sausage or loose leaf salad
Steamed spinach, eggs, potatoes 90 CZK
Sauteed chicken, cous-cous 95 CZK
„Zahoracky“ roll, rice 125 CZK

Tuesday 23. 10.
Pumpkin cream soup or loose leaf salad
Vegetable patties, potato puree, cucumber salad 90 CZK
Turkey medallions with herbs, bulgur 95 CZK
Pork shoulder, bread dumplings 110 CZK

Wednesday 24. 10.
Beef broth with noodles and vegetables or loose leaf salad
Spinach risotto with tofu 90 CZK
Fried cheese with ham, potato mash, tartar sauce 95 CZK
Pork in a potato pancake 130 CZK

Thursday 25. 10.
Goulash soup or loose leaf salad
Crepes with marmalade and whipped cream 90 CZK
Chicken breast in a cheese batter, potatoes, garlic dip 95 CZK
Meatballs, tomato sauce, pasta 115 CZK

Friday 26. 10.
Dill soup with egg or loose leaf salad
baked pasta with vegetables, balkan cheese 90 CZK
Chicken skewer with vegetables, rice 95 CZK
Venisom meatloaf, potato mash, tomato salad 125 CZK



Roasted beef on cream, cranberries, dumplings 185 CZK